"Regulatory authorities and courts have now established that Unum/Provident Corporation, the nation's largest disability insurance carrier, was engaged in a program of deliberate bad faith denial of meritorious claims in both ERISA and non-ERISA markets." - http://messageboard.spine-health.com/viewtopic.php?id=4270


This blog exists to make corporate companies and individuals aware of tactics deployed by UNUM and their agents to systematically cancel claims made against their Long Term Disability Plan.

The images you see are real and shocking. Let them serve as a warning to companies, individuals, managers interesting in employing the services of UNUM in the UK or US for payment protection policies.




Introduction to the UNUM Long Term Disability Scheme

"We can protect your income and help to preserve the lifestyle of you and your dependants."

This is the UNUM sales pitch which leads people to believe the payments they make will protect them financially if their physical/mental health takes a turn for the worst. How wrong one can be.

Please read my story carefully and protect yourself from a future of misery, physical/mental suffering and financial hardship. I will be naming and shaming Louise Vaughan, Stephen Brown, Stuart Lewis, Lizz Keirnan and Christine Taylor. These people employed all kinds of tactics in an attempt to refuse my claim - including advising me to take steps which would effectively make my claim null and void. Also they employed a private detective to invade the privacy of my family and I. Including camping outside my parent's house for 3 days, reporting the movements of my family, taking pictures, video and most disturbingly breaking into my car to read my private letters.

More UNUM Information

Unum Group, formerly UnumProvident Corporation, is a provider of group and individual income-protection insurance products in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Company also provides a complementary portfolio of other insurance products, including long-term care insurance, life insurance, employer- and employee-paid group benefits, and other related services. Its principal operating subsidiaries in the United States are Unum Life Insurance Company of America (Unum America), Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company (Provident), The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company (Paul Revere Life), and Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company (Colonial), and in the United Kingdom, Unum Limited. The Company operates in three business segments: Unum US, Unum UK and Colonial. Its other segments are the Individual Income Protection – Closed Block segment, the Other segment, and the Corporate segment. Unum US and Unum UK were previously referred to as U.S. Brokerage and Unum Limited.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Leesburg NEWS - Drug Tests for Unemployment Checks? Just Cheap Political Theater - AlterNet

Drug Tests for Unemployment Checks? Just Cheap Political Theater
AlterNet, CA
Craig Blair (R-Berkeley County) has created a web site, Not With My Tax Dollars, to publicize his bill, which would apply to anyone seeking welfare, food stamps, or unemployment insurance. "I think it's time that we get serious about the problem of ...
Petersburg NEWS

WaMu holding company sues FDIC over bank seizure
The lawsuit was filed Friday in federal court against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which seized the Seattle-based savings and loan in September. It was the largest bank failure in US history. Lawyers for the holding company, Washington Mutual ...
Petersburg NEWS

BBC says UK credit card information for sale in India
Computerworld New Zealand, New Zealand
APACS, the UK trade association for the payments industry, said in a report released on Thursday that card fraud losses totalled £609.9 million (US$874 million) last year. There are two main areas of fraud. First, criminals use the numbers of stolen ...
Petersburg NEWS

Qatar Insurance sector posts modest growth
Peninsula On-line, Qatar
DOHA: The domestic insurance market had a modest growth against the national economy recorded an impressive real GDP growth in 2008, said Abdullah bin Thani Al Thani, Chairman of the Board, Islamic Insurance. “The national economy recorded an ...
Petersburg NEWS

Distillers could face consumer wrath
Food Week, Australia
Consumer group Choice is urging distillers to stick by their promise to divert any refund to public health programs. "Consumers are the ones who are out of pocket, not the distillers who put up their prices when the tax was announced," Choice ...
Petersburg NEWS

GOP predicts doomsday if Obama budget passed
It poses a threat to the basic health of our economy," Collins said. Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the top Republican on the banking committee, said Obama would have to scale back his budget, given a Congressional Budget Office report Friday that the ...
Petersburg NEWS

Denmark aids Lacor Hospital
New Vision, Uganda
Toernaes said the high population growth in Uganda was undermining the increasing focus on reproductive health. She added that promoting family planning was necessary. Toernaes said the major challenge faced by the hospital was inadequate personnel and ...
Petersburg NEWS

Selling the fitness mantra
Expressindia.com, India
Nishchay Sachdeva, for whom the beauty of life lies in living it in the present, does it delightfully by striking a perfect balance between being a sales manager for an insurance firm and a fitness instructor. “There is a wonderful world of the present ...
Petersburg NEWS

US NGO offers Uganda free medical equipment
New Vision, Uganda
UGANDA health centres have received free equipment from Medshare International, a US-based institution, reports Chris Kiwawulo. The procurement of the equipment, which is meant to uplift the standards of living, started last year. ...
Petersburg NEWS

Satyam scam grows
Calcutta Telegraph, India
New York, March 22: Washington Mutual Inc (WaMu) has sued the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp for over $13 billion in connection with the loss of its banking operations, which was acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. Dubai, March 22: Bank Muscat has sold 81 ...
Petersburg NEWS

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